You grew in our hearts...

You grew in our hearts...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Waiting for Approval....

😓 Just when we thought we had been through the hardest waits of the process, another one strikes again. We are five weeks this Thursday waiting for our I600/USCIS approval at the US Embassy in Haiti. Once we have this, Jameson's Visa appointment will be scheduled and we can make plans for our final trip. The Embassy told us approval would take approximately 6 weeks, so it could be sooner or later. I know some families who waited close to 10 weeks!! The closer we get to the end, the more excruciating the wait gets!! I'm checking my email constantly. I guess the only benefit to this wait is at least they do give you some type of timeline. Everything before this, we had no idea as to how long we would be at certain steps.

I actually called the US Embassy yesterday to check on our case to make sure there were no issues. Calling the Embassy is a little difficult. You have to call several times throughout the day, before actually getting a live person on the phone. The lady who answered was nice. She asked for my name and Jameson's birth name. She found our file in the system, and confirmed they received our paperwork April 6, 2017. She stated it was still under review and we would hear from them next week. I did ask, if there was any way we could possibly be approved this week, and she said no. I tried, lol! We are so ready to book plane tickets now! Can any other families who adopted from Haiti comment on how long your USCIS approval took??

Other than waiting for approval, my employees gave me an adoption shower last week during our staff meeting! It was a complete surprise. They put together a nice gift basket for Jameson with lots of toys and I got several items from my registry, which was nice. I have another shower with friends and family that my sister and mom have been planning on May 28th at one of our favorite restaurants, Taverna Agora in Raleigh.

I also received Jameson's wall letters this week!! We plan to put these in his room over his bed. I love Etsy, so we found Cathy Crafty Covers who does very nice wood letters, light switch plates, etc for children's rooms. We are doing a sports themed room, so she was able to customize the letters how we wanted them, and they turned out amazing! Very nice, sturdy quality.


  1. I am praying for a quick turn around. We are in the black hole of IBESR (day 52). How many days were you in IBESR?

  2. Post bonding trip? The last day of our bonding trip was September 5, 2015 and we exited IBESR first week of January. So about 4 months.

  3. I have no clue. It's actually one of the shortest waits in the entire process, but seems like forever. :(


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