You grew in our hearts...

You grew in our hearts...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Finally home and settled in!

We arrived home with Jameson June 22nd, 2017. Our lives have completely changed and we have been so busy, I have not had time to update my blog posts. We have finally managed to get into a routine and I have some days of free time during the week where I can catch up.

The first few weeks were kind of crazy. The transition was not too difficult, but there was some adjustments for Jameson and us that we definitely had to work out. The hardest change for J was sleep. It was extremely difficult the first couple of weeks during bedtime getting him to fall asleep. It was probably due to the major differences in living in an orphanage and coming to a place where he was an only child. But now, 6 weeks later, bedtime is much better!! Other scary things for J were grass and our dog Rocco. He was never exposed to walking in grass, so it was very scary for him. It also took about 2 weeks to become comfortable with our 9 year old beagle, Rocco. J also started preschool last week (part-time) and he absolutely loves it.

We found a good pediatrician and are working on getting him caught up. He is pretty healthy, but it will take several months for his weight and height to be where needed for his age range. The vaccine reports from Haiti are kind of weird and sketchy so we are working with his doctor to sort those out. I can say that digestive and food changes for J has been a little difficult. Lots of foods and textures that he is not used to, so many foods he wont eat yet. He does try some foods and lets us know if he does not like it. His tummy is also trying to adjust to all the new foods. I think it will take time.

He is picking up language fairly well I think. Last month he learned 10-12 new words and the last two weeks he learned two more. We have been working really hard on English (alphabet, numbers, colors, etc).

Overall, things have been good. J does have his moments of tantrums and typical toddler behavior. He is definitely not the same kid we knew in Haiti. His personality and character is so vibrant now. We can tell he is so happy with his new life here. Our lives are totally different now, but every moment of the adoption (and wait) was so worth it.


  1. So happy your guys are home and happy! We have been home with our 2 sons from Haiti almost two weeks and things are going well. As of yesterday all 4 of our kids are in school and loving it! :-)


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